Reliability & Trustworthy, First Choice Of Your Commercial Vehicle (值得您信赖,首选的卡车)

SHACMAN 虽然无法与昂贵的西方老品牌相比名气,但我们一路不断地研究以及了解您的商业所需,在 ‘马来西亚’ 。 过去 10 年的经验引入了更适合您的配置,比起其他品牌,X3000。 体现了新)卡车原本因有的 – 效率,可靠性,低保养,舒适性, 高档匹配, 以及低成本投资,相比之下 更适合为您在长远的商业投资 作为首选。

Although SHACMAN might not as famous as European expensive and well-known brands but we have continuing our research and understand your business needs. The 10 years’ experience in Malaysia has introduced a more suitable configuration for you, compared to other brands, the X3000 reflects the (new) truck originally available – efficiency, reliability, low maintenance, comfort, high-end matching, and low-cost investment. In contrast, it is more suitable and the first choice for your long-term business investment

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